I am not a perfectionist. It took me many years and two children to learn this nugget of information. Now that I know, I truly live differently; more freely.

I am not ultimately creative. I steal others' ideas and make them my own. Creating from scratch makes me stressed, headachey and grouchy.

I am not a great chef or baker. I am only now learning to roast a chicken and bake chocolate chip cookies that will be eaten by actual humans.

However, it is a little known fact that I love making cakes. I started 3 years ago when a playgroup friend needed a cake and our actual cake-making-super-creative friend was unavailable. She told me how to do it and wha-la: a Caterpillar. From there, I made cakes for friends' kids and my kids and baby showers, etc.

Today, I'm embarking on an ambitious endeavor of actually charging real money for my creations (that are by no means perfect or ultimately creative; although it is certainly my goal!). I'm raising money for the Susan G. Koman 3-day for the Cure breast cancer walk. (I'm also walking the 3-day in September. More on that later)

Please consider supporting and getting a cute cake too! What kind of party are you having? What cake design do you want?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tying up loose ends

Looking back through the blog, I've noticed a lack of updates! I need to tell you about my 3-day walk.
I originally started the blog and little cake business to raise my money for the Susan G. Komen Breast cancer 3-day walk. I indeed raised all the necessary funds and indeed walked all 60 miles. It was an overwhelming weekend. Thank you to ALL of you who supported me and bought cakes!
Through the experience, I realized that my headline is still correct. I am not a perfectionist. This personality quark makes a cake business difficult. I still enjoy the occasional job and I really enjoy the variety of creative ideas. I will never support our family on this business or have my own show nor will I likely ever do a wedding cake.
In addition, I will also probably not walk the 3-day again (Lord willing!). This year a portion of my proceeds will go with my cousin and aunt walking for 2011. The rest of the money is being saved for our trip to the Dominican Republic with Children of the Nations . . coming in 2012.

Here is our team at the starting line with Jenean and Terry our survivors in the pink cowboy hats!
This is my cheering section in Bothell on Day 1:
Look at the signs they made!!

This is some tired feet and a sea of pink tents on Paine field in Everett at the end of 24 miles, Day 1:
Jenean and I made it through all 22 miles of Day 2! I think the smiles are genuine and that pole is actually holding us up.
Me and my buddy, Kelly! We made it!!!

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